Duration: 6 hours (direct way)


360 EUR 1-3 pax
530 EUR 4-7 pax

Possible stopovers: 

Pilsen - Pilsner Urquell brewery

Price: 40 EUR

60-120 min. visit 

Did you know that Pilsner Urquell has inspired more than two-thirds of all of the world's beers, which still today are labelled as "Pils", "Pilsner" or "Pilsener"? Go on a tour of the Pilsner Urquell brewery, and get to know the story of the legend born in 1842. 
If there is not time for guided tour we can see a courtyard and visit souvenir shop and can have a lunch in the brewery restaurant.

Nuremberg - medieval treasure-trove

Price: 60 EUR

120-180 min. of the visit

Second largest city in Bavaria which used to be capital of the Holy Roman Empire. Its beautiful historical centre Nuremberg is a medieval treasure-trove.

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