Your plan 

If you have your own plan where to start, what to visit, where to end you can be sure we can be part of this journey and you don't have to find any transport during your whole vacation.

Types of journey:

1. You're staying in one place and you want to make oneday trips to discover the area around.

(Prague on the map is only an example)

2. You start in one place and end up in the same place.

(the journey on the map is only an example)

3. You start in one place and finish in different place.

(the journey on the map is only an example) 

Multi-days journey approximate prices


Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, 

Minimum of 3 days journey is required.


450 EUR per day


Austria, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, 
Minimum of 4 days journey is required.   


500 EUR per day


Switzerland, Lichtenstein, France, Nothern Italy 

Minimum of 5 days journey is required.  


600 EUR per day


Southern Italy, Portugal, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Baltic countries, Greece, Bulgaria, Ukraine

Minimum of 7 days journey is required.  


on request

Prices include:
10 hours availability per day, maximum limit 500 km (300 miles) per day, usual road tolls, international car insurance, driver´s wage, petrol, parking, accommodation, meals and insurance of the driver.

Prices exclude:
accommodation and meal for passengers, guiding services, entrance fees, train or cable car tickets, unusual road tools (Grossglockner road, Dachstein road, car trains, ferries...). If you want to tip the driver at the end it's optional (from zero to whatever). ;-)

Deposit and cancelation policy:
10% of the price is required in advance (via PayPal or Revolut). The rest you can pay by PayPal or Revolut before the trip or the end of the trip in cash (EUR, USD).
Up to 7 days before first day of the tour is the deposit fully refundable. Later is it non-refundable.

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