About us

We're two friends who loves to drive and makes you happy!

We drive two types of car: big VAN for up to 7 pax and luxury sedan for up to 3 pax. 

Our offers for you:
- multi-days journeys within whole Europe

- private transfers

- unusual multidays journeys

We can help you to plan your whole vacation, or to give you just some suggestions... We just want to make your vacantion unforgetable.

If you're interested let us know. :-)

Tomas Roba - VAN for up to 7 pax

I'm a father of three kids and I love my job! 

I grow up in the highest Czech mountains but I live in Prague for 18 years now.

I work as a private driver since 2015. I drive a big VAN Ford up to 7 passengers with big boot for all your luggage. The service include door to door sevice, WiFi on board, bottles of water, chargers...

Tomas Roba

Jan Jirasek - sedan for up to 3 pax

I'm a young man from Prague who has about 4 years experience of being private driver.