Transfer duration: 3,5 hours


270 EUR 1-3 pax
350 EUR 4-7 pax

Possible stopovers: 

Český Krumlov - Castle and Old town

Price: 50 EUR

120-180 min. visit
+ add 60 min. to transfer duration

Fairy-tale town of Cesky Krumlov in South Bohemia where you can explore its narrow medieval streets and famous castle. Admire town's architectural development from the 14th through the 19th century.

UNESCO heritage site
2nd most visited place in Czech Republic 

Pilsner Urquel Brewery + Karlštejn Castle

Price: 60 EUR

60-120 min. visit

Did you know that Pilsner Urquell has inspired more than two-thirds of all of the world's beers, which still today are labelled as "Pils", "Pilsner" or "Pilsener"? Go on a tour of the Pilsner Urquell brewery, and get to know the story of the legend born in 1842.
If there is not time for guided tour we can see a courtyard and visit souvenir shop and have a lunch in the brewery restaurant.

60-120 min. visit

Karlštejn Castle is a large Gothic castle founded 1348 CE by Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor-elect and King of Bohemia. The castle served as a place for safekeeping the Imperial Regalia as well as the Bohemian/Czech crown jewels, holy relics, and other royal treasures.
Entry is by guided tour only (three main tours available) and even if you don't go inside, the views of Karlstejn's stunning exterior are worth the trip alone.

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